Why Philosophy?

I only liked Math when I was a child and then Computers, nothing else. In school I always focused only on what I liked, I really did not care much about my grades in subjects I hated at that time. One of those non-philo classes was Philosophy. I could never wrap my head around what the teacher was talking about; I always fell asleep each time I tried to read one paragraph from any kind of philosophy book.

I’ve been a Software Engineer for more than 20 years, this has been not just my job but also only my passion (pst, don’t tell my wife!) and my hobby. I had great expectations, like many people in this field I’ve put a lot of energy and time trying to be the best, architect, design and implement software applications that help the users, help the business succeed.

But one day something clicked: the effort is not the same as the result! No man is an island, it does not matter how hard you work and how high your ethic is, you are nothing unless people around you support you, help you and share the same view and attitude.

Obviously I needed to cry on someone’s shoulder, my wife being tired of this, I kept talking to my friends. Until one day I discover that one of my friends not only knows a lot about philosophy and the 7 liberal arts but he is also willing to teach me that.

So the journey started in the fall of 2010 when, my friend – the teacher, I, and another friend started to study philosophy books.

This blog is about connecting Software Engineering with Philosophy.

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